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Listed here are articles about organs that can be found in our area.
Many of these organs are played by our chapter members.

Date of Article
Last Update
  Campbell United Methodist  
  Schantz Organ  
Jul. 2011
Feb. 2018
  Cupertino Bethel Lutheran  
  Schantz Organ  
Jan. 2011
  First Congregational Church of SJ  
  Schantz Organ  
Mar. 2011
Dec. 2017
  First Immanuel Lutheran  
  Schlicker Organ  
Jan. 2011
Jul. 2015
  First Palo Alto United Methodist  
  Swain and Kates Organ  
Aug. 2015
  First United Methodist, Salinas  
  Wicks Organ  
Sep. 2015
  Five Wounds Portuguese National Church  
  Kimball Organ  
Apr. 2019
  Immanuel Lutheran Church, Saratoga  
  Casavant Organ  
Dec. 2011
May 2016
  Los Altos United Methodist  
  Allen / Swain and Kates  
Aug. 2015
  Los Gatos United Methodist  
  Wicks Organ (1965)  
Aug. 2016
  Messiah Lutheran, Santa Cruz  
  Austin Organ  
Jan. 2011
Nov. 2016
  Mission San Jose  
  Rosales Organ  
Jul. 2011
Presbyterian Church of Los Gatos  
  1958 Moller  
Sep. 2011
  Prince of Peace Lutheran Church  
  Allen Renaissance  
Oct. 2015
Santa Clara Mission Church  
  Schantz Organ (1975)  
Jan. 2011
May 2020
  Saratoga Federated Church     1962 Aeolian Skinner    
Apr. 2015
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church  
  1983 Schantz  
Sep. 2011
Mar. 2012
  St. Bede's  
  Beckerath Organ  
Mar. 2013
St. Joseph's Cathedral  
  Odell Organ  
Mar. 2011
  St. Joseph Cupertino  
  Moller Pipe / Rodgers 905B  
May 2017
  St. Joseph Mountain View  
  Murray Harris Organ  
Jun. 2015
  St. Luke’s Los Gatos  
  Visscher Organ  
Aug. 2015
  St. Timothy's  
  Schoenstein Organ  
Oct. 2016
Stone Church of Willow Glen  
  Schoenstein Organ  
Oct. 2011
Sunnyvale Presbyterian  
  1986 Balcom & Vaughan  
Sep. 2011
Apr. 2019
New Trinity Cathedral SJ  
  1984 Hook and Hastings  
Sep. 2019
  Trinity Lutheran Church Palo Alto  
  Hook & Hastings Pipe Organ  
Mar. 2016

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