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The New Organist

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Organ. As you know the organ can produce wonderful sounds. The beauty of the organ is that it can produce a wide variety of tone colors. This is achieved through knowing your instrument. AGO Headquarters has produced 30 short YouTube videos to help new organists become more acquainted with the organ.

The New Organist Page gives links to various web pages that contain suggestions and instruction. This page lists some of the web links to the AGO Headquarters information and links to other collected sources.

Information available on the AGO Headquarters web page.

  1. Go to the AGO Headquarters web page,
  2. Under the “EDUCATION” menu item, put the cursor on “New Organist Pages” then click on the item of interest. (The first two items “Lessons for the New Organist” and “The New Organist” contain most of the information). There are lots of good suggestions on this page.

Information available collected by Kenneth Talbot.

Ideas on Registration for ways to introduce and present Hymns.

From a Richard Elliot workshop: “Ten Secrets of Organ Playing Sucess

How to Sing Hymns by John Wesley: “Singing Hymns

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints through Brigham Young University have assembled a large collection of information that can help. This is available from the following link: “The New LDS Organist.”








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